softball is da bomb

my name is solis and im 13 i love to play softball and im 
realy good to!!!!!!!! i didnt learn how to play softball i 
was born to play softball!!!!!i have 2 brothers one plays
baseball and is a pitcher and hes only six and he throws 
way better than zito!!!!! jk jk well the other is a mommys 
boy but hes only 5 and hes tuffer than his older brother!
well i have to go by


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on her 2nd b day
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solis66 ha detto:

4100 days fa
hi im sorry i havent talk to you in so to you later

cutie117 ha detto:

4104 days fa
hey was up we havent at talked in a long time

cutie117 ha detto:

4200 days fa
how did u get that pic of joe and pooh bear

lilangel314 ha detto:

4205 days fa
hey what da heack your like never on the computer anymore

cutie117 ha detto:

4213 days fa
it gives me butterflys in my stomach

cutie117 ha detto:

4215 days fa
hey peanut i cant wait untill school starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felicia16789 ha detto:

4219 days fa
yes basketball and volleyball

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