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  • Gothic 4 ever!!

    Gothic 4 ever!!

    41 Members

    is a grup of gothic metal and the phoptos of the grups gothic!!plase unanse//este grupo...

  • <:.:Amy Lee Fans:.:>

    <:.:Amy Lee ...

    25 Members

    Calling all Amy Lee & Evanescence fans! Join the group 2 support Amy and the band

  • £vane§¢£n¢£


    5 Members

    Se vc amaa evanescence entra nsseh grupo "eu amo evanescence, e show e fikei sabendo ...

  • Gothic-mania


    33 Members

    Bonjour, tu es comme moi une gothic à l'état pure.Tu aimes aussi le style emo ou mangas...

  • *~Goth•By•Heart~*


    20 Members

    Gothic Beauty of the night, bewtich thy soul by candle light.

  • ● Il Trono di Spade ≈ Game of Thrones ●

    ● Il Trono di S...

    1093 Members

    Per tutti coloro che seguono i romanzi di George R. R. Martin o la serie televisiva del...

  • Christian Goth

    Christian Goth

    11 Members

    The boys at Littleton were apparently not Goths;they had incorporated some Goth symboli...

  • Remember Them - N'oubliez pas de leur

    Remember Them -...

    58 Members

    From Loved ones to pets, from friends to favorite celebrities. This is a group made to ...

  • Danny Pino aka Det. Nick Amaro

    Danny Pino aka ...

    17 Members

    Danny Pino is one of the hottest actors on TV. From Law and Order SVU to Cold Case. He ...

  • Animal Cruelty and other Abuse

    Animal Cruelty ...

    14 Members

    Animal Cruelty, Child abuse, Spousal abuse. Any and all types of abuse. anyway you say ...

  • Blingee Stamps By Request

    Blingee Stamps ...

    3230 Members

    Custom Stamps By Request. This group is for requesting custom stamps for your blingees,...

  • merry christmas Blingee

    merry christmas...

    123 Members

    merry christmas Frohe Weihnachten joyeux Noël gëzuar Krishtlindjet Весела Коледа С...

  • In loving memory of earthquake victims in Japan..

    In loving memor...

    65 Members

    Join the group easy if you believe that one should pay to the victims are a little memory.

  • Missings Persons

    Missings Persons

    14 Members

    If you know someone who is missing, you can make a blingee for them and put it here. Ma...

  • Erin Hunter

    Erin Hunter

    16 Members

    From Warriors to Seekers to the Survivors book series. The Erin Hunter group has always...

  • Blingee


    13689 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • la magie des fêtes

    la magie des fêtes

    78 Members

    Noel, bonnes, Fêtes, Année happy New Year Christmas l'hiver winter

  • ♥The Pixie Dust Blingsters♥

    ♥The Pixie Dust...

    116 Members

    "The Gates are Open AGAIN" - not Winner of This week's -- Challenge

  • |We ♥ Television|

    |We ♥ Television|

    74 Members

    • The group for any and all TV shows. We ♥ Television •

  • Flower ✿ Lovers

    Flower ✿ Lovers

    1933 Members

    FOR ANYONE who likes flowers and loves to make blingees with FLOWERS ♥ ♫ ✿ ♥ ♫ ✿

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