My name is Lee and I'm a mom of 5 great kids, who just so happen to be my whole world! Kids are awesome, and my heart goes out to those who have never really known the truth of a mothers love, or the compassion of someone who tries to understand them. they are so much smarter than we adults give them credit for. 

i'm here just pimpin up my pics and some pics i found on photobucket....let me know how you like..or if not =) (this is kinda my addiction when i have the time during the week/ and some weekends) many thank yous for all comments and votes!! its greatly appreciated. =)

I'd also like to say: I'm going to start working on some blingees for issues that i feel are important..such as child/domestic abuse, breast cancer, st judes, etc...in this great world where most of us are fortunate to have a wonderful loving family and at this time no health concerns i think we all should remember there are others out there that struggle day to day.. poverty, abuse, illness.. lets help support the important things in life...showing love and concern/compassion for all those who either have no one, or have no hope..lets show there is HOPE..and LOVE this this world. and if you like my blingee...a vote would be nice =)..but seriously im just doing this as a way of showing hope, love, and support..i only wish there were more i could do to help others..thank you for reading this and taking time to show support/compassion. 

Sincerely, Lee


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bombonela16 ha detto:

3347 days fa
Hello, everybody, it's time to vote in Magic Mirror Group! 

Voting will be open until Friday morning!

Here's the link:

Good luck!
Hugs Bianca

bombonela16 ha detto:

3353 days fa
New contest in MM Group:
Come and play with us!
Hugs Bianca

bombonela16 ha detto:

3357 days fa


Huggies Bianca

bombonela16 ha detto:

3364 days fa
Magic Mirror group reloaded :-)http://blingee.com/group/38640/topic/61600-BACK-IN-BUSSINESS-CONTEST-19
Come and play with us! Hugs Bianca

bombonela16 ha detto:

3367 days fa
Hello! I'm trying to reactivate the MM Group:-)....so....:
(please read description)
Hugs Bianca

coracora2008 ha detto:

3397 days fa
God bless you!
with love , Rodica

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