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▹Name: Usoppinutza
▹Lives: Ireland
▹Birthday: 09. August
▹Gender: Female
▹Zodiac: Leo
▹Age: 18
▹Sexuality: Pansexual
▹Languages: Irish and English.
▹Relationship: ᴛᴀᴋᴇɴ ʙʏ: Linda Granados (23.12.2017)
▹Loves: Well, I'm the Ultimate Fangirl. *^*
▹Dislikes: o.o; Should I say that?
▹Want To Know More: Comment on le profile. o.o; I don't bite.

▪Stuff I Love and Adore▪
▸One Piece: *^* The characters are endless. *^*
▸Kamisama Kiss: *-* Tomoe, Kurama Shinjirou, AkuraOu *^*
▸Fairy Tail: *-* Another Anime with endless character loving. *^*
▸Kagerou Project: *^* Takane and Haruka *^*
▸Naruto: Another Anime series that's getting endless character loving. *^*
▸If You Want To Know Anything Else: Feel free to comment on my profile.


]|I{•------» тнαηк үσυ мιηηα!!! «------•}I|[

ıllıllı тнαηк үσυ ғσя тнε α∂∂~! ıllıllı

ıllıllı тнαηкs ғσя αccερтιηg мү яεqυεsт~! ıllıllı

ғαηтαsтιc вℓιηg, тнαηк үσυ ғσя vσтεs, cσммεηтs αη∂ ғяιεη∂sнιρ :D
▀▄▀▄▀▄ 5***** ▄▀▄▀▄▀

sυρεя εριc sтυηηιη' вℓιηg, тнαηк үσυ ғσя vσтεs, cσммεηтs αη∂ ғяιεη∂sнιρ ^--^
▌│█║▌║▌║ 5***** ║▌║▌║█│▌


Mʏ Sᴏʀᴀ-Cʜᴀɴ: Teodora Crescent Valentine
Mʏ Bᴀʙᴇ: phoenix.no.ikki
Mʏ Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ: aries.de.mu


words from babe:
love your beautiful, gorgeous, out of this world
you are a rare jewel no matter what happens you do
you extremely special, Im here for making you see
you are always there for me
you are a true friend
you make us happy
you make me happy
I love you
I always and forever will
you arent a bad guy
someone saying it I would kill them
you know it
you are my fluffy lion
and as the fluffy crabby I will make anything to make you smile
a real smile
because it is the most beautiful
always the most beautiful
you are my precious
my beloved angel
^^ always
will be here
I wont betray
I wont stray
I wont replace


*hacking area*

~Teodora Crescent Valentine~

тнιѕ α¢¢συит ιѕ нα¢кє∂ ву тєσ∂σяα ¢яєѕ¢єит ναℓєитιиє αкα υѕσρριиυтzα'ѕ ѕσяα-¢нαи. ι ℓσνє тнιѕ gιяℓ! *ω*
ѕнє ιѕ σиє σf му вєѕт fяιєи∂ѕ,αи∂ ∂σи'т уσυ єνєи ∂αяє тσ тσυ¢н нєя!
ι киσω α ℓσт σf ѕρєℓℓѕ ωнαт ¢αи кιℓℓ σтнєя ρєσρℓє,∂σи'т мαкє мє υѕє тнєм. 3:)
нєя ρяσвℓємѕ αяє му ρяσвℓємѕ. ѕαмє fσя нєя. ѕнє вяσυgнт мє σи нєяє,αи∂ ι ∂σи'т яєgяєт ιт. ^^ ωє ℓσνє єα¢н σтнєя ℓιкє яєαℓ ѕιѕтєяѕ~ ι ¢αи'т ωαιт тσ мєєт нєя ιи яєαℓ ℓιfє! ^ω^
υѕσρριиυтzα ιѕ α яєαℓ fяιєи∂ αи∂ ∂єѕєяνє αℓℓ тнє gσσ∂ тнιиgѕ. ѕнє кιи∂α ѕανє∂ му ℓιfє.
тнιѕ gιяℓ ιѕ αωєѕσмє!! ι ℓσνє нєя,αѕ му ѕσяα-¢нαααααααααααααααααααααααααααααααααααααи fσяєνєя!! ^ω^


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⇨ @phantom.dirge ⇦
⇨ @kaya.ojousama ⇦
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⇨ @fox.yokai.tomoe ⇦
⇨ @nami_cat_burglar ⇦
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⇨ @ailsa.de.leo ⇦
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⇨ @aiolia_leo20 ⇦


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⇨ usoppyaoiandstralove ⇦


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⇨ theultimatefangirljes ⇦
⇨ shakadevirgem1999 ⇦


♞Pinterest Account♞
⇨ MadaraUchi101 ⇦


▿ so feel free to comment down below. will love to befriend anyone! i'm quite shy, but i still want to meet friends! :) ▿


Pʀɪᴠᴀᴛᴇ Cʜᴀᴛs:
been a long time since i done private chats. if you want one, just let me know and i'll make one for you~

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Aries.de.Mu ha detto:

about 24 hours fa
Get well soon, kouhai.

LucyDragneel462 ha detto:

2 days fa
A tissue would be nice!! XD

donja01 ha detto:

2 days fa
give you beaytiful blingees 5 stars

donja01 ha detto:

2 days fa
welcome be friends.live in netherland i Always try give mine friends 10 blingees 5 stars ,but if i see i get not stars back i dont give no more stars .It hards to say but Always give an not get stars back what i have many times see ,
but wecome be friends

TracyMcGibbon ha detto:

3 days fa
Please join my second challenge. Thank You! ☺

TracyMcGibbon ha detto:

3 days fa
Please join my challenge! Thank You! ☺

p01s0n_l1p5_0... ha detto:

3 days fa
OPEN~~ July Icon Challenge ~The Challenge Group 

Once again it is time for our monthly icon challenge. winner will have their Blingee displayed as the main picture. Remember to add you Blingee to the group.


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