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wyldkat777 ha detto:

3081 days fa
Hey everyone can you please pray for my friends Dad he is having surgery today...

wyldkat777 ha detto:

3096 days fa
Hey everyone thinking about shutting down my blingee account cause no one shows me love anymore... Havent gotten any comments or anyone visiting my groups etc... So if you dont want me to shut down my account and groups, show me love and I will do the same for you thanks everyone...

wyldkat777 ha detto:

3146 days fa
Sorry for the delay guys... But for anyone who was still interested in the contest that I posted well over a month ago, You can go ahead and start and you will have 3 weeks from Saturday so that gives you a few days to think about it. Submit your entries in the T.V. Couples group thank you...

wyldkat777 ha detto:

3172 days fa
Thanks for joining my group if your interested I'm having a competition just waiting for a few more people to join. If interested let me know and I will send you the information... Feel free to join any of my groups as well. Charmed Forever,T.V. Couples, and Sweet Carrie...

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