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Hi, I have been married 35 years. Have three children. Two girls, Tanya & Bonnie & one son, Shane. One of my girls, we adopted after her mother, my sister was tragically killed by a drunk driver. She was only 2 days old. She is also physically handicapped. I have one beautiful grand-daughter, Morgan, who is my best subject for a lot of my blingees. My pets: Crystal, female Siamese. Smokey, a Persian male. Beautiful smokey blue in color, with a white tuxedo & 4 white boots. My babies are my Pomeranians, all AKC Pedigree. Diamond, solid white female. Cody, male, his color is called Parti-Color. Lots of beautiful colors in his coat. The newest member to our family is Misty, female. Her color is called Cream Sable, which is different shades of beige & cream colors, tip in blacks, gray & silver. My poms are also my best blingee work. I am a professional seamstress. I make Dance & Baton/Twirl costumes. Wedding Gowns, Tuxedos & anything else one might want. Hope that this is not boring or to long, but this is a lot of who I am & hope it helps everyone to know me a little better.


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farfelue ha detto:

3828 days fa
bonne fin de dimanche et agréable semaine pour la création de magnifiques blingees

mathisalizee ha detto:

3924 days fa
salut ,merci pour tous tes commentaires sa me fait très plaisir a +

jade.003 ha detto:

3926 days fa
Hello fredamw Jacepte readily your damande d' amitiée I you remerci large kisses your new friend jade

Fairyirish04 ha detto:

3926 days fa
I'd love to get to know you, sure, this would be great!

Ercassiel ha detto:

3930 days fa

My newest story Blingee~ A Love Story for Valentines Day~I hope you like it~
How have you been? Hoping all is well.
Don't forget to send me the links to your newest~
Thanks for looking at my work~

Buggybear ha detto:

3939 days fa

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