Nothing to see here.

I'm just a big fat nerd.

I rate everything 5 stars.
I'm just that nice.

My favorite animals are bunnies & deers.
Preferably combined into a jackalope.
I also love spiders.

"My boyfriend's a fictional vampire"
Oh yeah? Well mine's a fictional giant shape shifting alien robot.
Take that Twilight fans.

I thought I Sari was bad until I meet Rafael, Jack & Miko.

Favorite TV show: Dexter

Favorite Movies:
A Clockwork Orange
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Favorite Cartoons:
Happy Tree Friends
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
South Park
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Favorite Anime:
Elfen Lied
Rozen Maiden

Favorite Video games:
Assassin's Creed
Left 4 Dead
Monday Night Combat
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Team Fortress 2

Favorite Music:
Breaking Benjamin
Creature Feature
Daft Punk
The Dresden Dolls
Emilie Autumn
Jack Off Jill
Linkin Park
Three Days Grace

Currently listening to:
"Orchestra" by The Servant

Currently playing:
Call of Duty: Black Ops

My Groups

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Left 4 Dead


Thanks dejiko_nyo_08!


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[HTF] Flaky; Fade to Black
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Mlpfim ha detto:

2129 days fa
Yo I'm Scootaloo! :D I just wanted to say U AWESSOME PAL! AMEGO! CHUM OF CHUMS! (I wrote that :D)

Balto300 ha detto:

2276 days fa

tamabug ha detto:

2276 days fa
You have very Amazing blingees! All of them are just fantastic!! :3

maddye1300 ha detto:

2390 days fa
hi u sound cool

ratchet101 ha detto:

2447 days fa
hi y name is Ratchet101 i like you blingees i c you like transformers i got lots of transformers blingees and transformers prime

betabi ha detto:

2468 days fa
Batman fan club, join here! ❤

dianare ha detto:

2473 days fa
i love mlp i'm a brony xD

AriyaLPS ha detto:

2495 days fa
LOL! MY mom's fav show is DEXTER!

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