justadancer98 ha detto:

2592 days fa
✿ Hello ✿ :)

cristynuk ha detto:

2732 days fa
Happy Holidays!!!

Hugs from Romania!:)

ಗುಡ್RYTHMಗುಡ್ ha detto:

2847 days fa
███████████ ಬ್ಯೂಟಿಫುಲ್!███████████

BilitisJane ha detto:

2996 days fa
(\ /)          ⁀˅⁀
( . .)♥

Thanks for friendship! I'm french (south of france) and my english is not very good... but is not very important... when I find not a word I go to "google translation"... it makes service sometimes (often!). 
I saw pass your "creations", your "blingees" are very beautiful! You are talented!
Very sweet week full of good things,
Jane  :D.

ino6 ha detto:

3079 days fa
Happy New (late) Year

Trinity1989 ha detto:

3268 days fa
You search a good group?
The search has an end!

Please join in the best group of the whole world.
The best out there on Blingee.
Everything is contain around the subject of actors, actresses, shows, movies, singers, etc.
With many competitions.

Check it out and show us your beautiful Blingees.
Everyone is welcome.


taylor2823 ha detto:

3274 days fa
I look at your blingees and I must say 5 stars! They are beutiful

SeleandDemi96 ha detto:

3336 days fa
hey ciaO!! hO creatO un gruppO x gli amanti della disney:*・✿.。.: .:。✿゚‘゚✿∂ιѕиєу fαиѕ fσя ℓιfє!✿゚‘゚✿✿.。.: .:。✿・* ,e quindi anke dei xsOnaggi ke ne fannO parte (hannah mOntana,PatitO feO, h2O,demi,selena,zOey 101 e tutti gli altri)daii entra a far parte della famiglia disney!! inoltre è un gruppo attivo,cn + di 100 membri!!se sei dei nOstri,clikka qui: 
ciaooo ci vediamO lì!!ciaoOoOoOo!
by SeleandDemi96 
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