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hey my names geoff im 48 years old. so I should be bigG48 I spose lol, i have 3 daughters candice,24 rebecca,22 and danielle,14. I`m kinda addicted to this site great therapy, I moderate as do alot of my circle, so always keep your blingees in good taste or we will reject it. I love meeting people so drop me a line comment and i`ll comment back if you want to join my circle please do so cos we have something in common eg same likes in blingees, comps etc not to increase the size of your circle my circle may not be that big but it is full of quality blingee nuts like me now thats over some things I wont do. Dont put blingees in comps they dont belong if you do I wont vote for it. No blingees of kids or animals with guns, booze etc,No suicide bilngees not at all.  Dont abuse or leave racial comments on anyone alot of my circle are from all over the world REMEMBER if you cant say something good keep ya mouth shut.   Thats about it on that. Now my wish list--A option to pass on a vote if the blingees are not from the comp stated you all know what I mean--  A better intro to moderating that explains just what we are to look for No nudity and No porn dont cover it. well thats it. Hope to hear from you and please enjoy my blingees. 




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melindasloan ha detto:

3347 days fa
Hi my name is melinda , i just wanted to say . love your blingees . and realy trying hard to figure out how you all do such great work. Hope you have a great day .

kmcj59 ha detto:

3424 days fa
Hello Big G
Just wanna stop by to say hi and see how's things goin'.Have a great day...

Sitara93 ha detto:

3496 days fa
Hi, I am newish to this site,I just wanted to say hello. I'm just trying to find my way around & search for friends, even though it is a little hard on this site, but I love decorating/making blingees'. Okay well hope to hear from you soon, bye.:)

monellavagabo... ha detto:

3527 days fa
excuse me,how did you win the moderator badge?

LUNY1998 ha detto:

3636 days fa
annate a ciatta co chi gli e va deficenti!!!

LUNY1998 ha detto:

3636 days fa
i'm italian and spick enghlisc!
dont drou

allicee ha detto:

3695 days fa
i wanna talk to u about the Fantasy land blingees group, give me a sign

allicee ha detto:

3700 days fa
hey how are u ? haven't saw u i  for a while, hope all is good 

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