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Name: it's a secret:)
Nickname: Fox, Kitsu-chan.
Date of birth: March 21.
Languages: Russian, English, a little Japanese.
Hobbies: anime, manga, music, embroidery a cross, sewing, drawing.
Favorite color: lilac, yellow, blue.
Favorite flower: chamomile.
Favorite pet: a cat.
Favorite sweets: chocolate, ice-cream.
Favorite series: the Wizards of Vejverli-place
Favorite movies: transformers, Harry Potter (all parts)
Favorite music genres: K-pop, hip-hop, rapkore, J-pop, J-rock.
Favorite musical artists: 2NE1, NU'EST, C-ute, Skillet, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Sirah.
Favorite actress: Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Yu Yamada.
Favorite actor: Daniel Radcliffe.
Favorite writer: Robert Lawrence Stein.
Favorite book: the Scarecrow walks at midnight.

Favorite anime, manga: spirited away, the Return of the cat, Howl's moving castle, Naruto, Girl-little Fox, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Shugo Chara, K-ON, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Pandora Hearts, Undertaker Riddle, Tonori no Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Bleach, Fairy Tail, The restless hearts, Pokemon (^.^), Tokio Mew Mew, Wolf and spice, D.N. Angel, Magic rent, The President of the student Council - maid, The school stir, Pretty Cure, Mermaid Melody, Kiki's delivery service, Kuroko No Basket, Angel beats.
But my most favorite anime - Kuroshitsuji, and most favorite manga - Bleach and KHReborn!^^
Favorite Vocaloids: Kagamine Len, IA, Megurine Luka.
!I Don't love One Direction, Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers >:0
My favorite quotes:
"Confessing his weakness person becomes stronger." © Itachi Uchiha("Naruto")
"I want to eat,eat much" © Park Bom(2NE1)
Love is a feeling, inspiring us to become better. This is the thing which keeps our relationship with others. This is the thing which gives us compassion. This is the thing that gives us the energy to make immense achievements over their lives, and yet this is the thing on which you can always rely on, when rely more than that" © Chester Bennington(Linkin Park)


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☼I believe in a fairy tale☼
☼I believe in a fairy tale☼
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Привет-привет,мой друг:3
у меня к Вам очень серьёзный вопрос: кто из 2NE1 Вам больше нравится?:)

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Can you vote me, please? http://bln.gs/b/26vjh4

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Thanks for the add. Please join my anime group:


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