im Saphira(Sami). Slammer wuz my nickname that my dad used 2 kall me... but now he is gone 4eva... ={ and he used 2 derby n race cars n his number wuz 76 so... wen i get older i will follow in his footsteps... i love you daddy! ur allways in my HEART!!!


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D4rkSamurai ha detto:

3538 days fa
Well you are hard to find, and i'm not sure if you're getting this message. I've sent you an e-mail, but i'm gessing you don't use it anymore. So i'll try here. I even created tis acount just for this. Today is 11 of September of 2009, so is my obligation as a friend, to wish a happy Birthday Sami. any doubt of who I am, here it is furtado102@hotmail.com

Glynette ha detto:

3932 days fa
Thank you!!!  I like your Blingee's too!!!  You seem like a very ambitious young lady!!!  I hope to hear from you again!!!  =o}

alizaysal ha detto:

4062 days fa
Thank you!

alizaysal ha detto:

4079 days fa
Thanks for the comment!  You have some really cute blingees too!

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