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Please, I don't accept friend req from children under 18 years old !!!!
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My Birthday is August 26th ... Virgo ;)

My name is Miriam and I'm from Argentina, I love everything creative and artistic and above all things I love self-challenge myself :) I'm a Geographer, I have taught at the University and Tertiary Teacher Training for 25 years, and I've been specialized on various aspects of Social Sciences, Geopolitics, Education Training and History ... they're my passions, but above all, I'm passionate about reading and listening good music. Love all artistic expression, but my preferences are for Dark, Goth and Surreal Art
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piedad5007 ha detto:

about 1 hour fa
Hello! In our group a new competition is open.

ludmilla1959 ha detto:

1 day fa
OPEN~~ Fantasy fire Challenge by: ludmilla1959
Fantasy fire with this stamp

bilokasato ha detto:

1 day fa
My dear, Miry, I appreciate this victory, I'm very happy, but could you please make me a favor? Can you creat this competition for me? Because I'm having a strong flu, and I'm bedridden and I'm feeling a little bit weak. I believe I can't enjoy this competition. Big hugs my precious friend!

BBB338 ha detto:

1 day fa
The Challenge Group--TCG
Thank you very much for your votes and kind comments! I hope you enjoy the new OPEN SAME STAMP challenge:
Here is the link to enter the contest, with your complete Blingee:

kaykitty727 ha detto:

1 day fa
God bless you my friend and be inspired, Love, Kay

kaykitty727 ha detto:

1 day fa
Sometimes when I don't know what to make I look at old blingee's that I made. and believe me ever since I been on blingee I have always had a down voter so  I just let it go and pity the dummy that likes to down vote,  =) cheer up my friend, in the next 3 weeks is when I will have my surgery. I wont worry now, just later hehe! 

kaykitty727 ha detto:

1 day fa
Miry we all go through the blues, well us females do hehe! well at lest once a month. but  I wont be having those kind of months anymore. a long time ago in the 90's we lost a baby due to my tubes, W really wanted a daughter. but it wasn't going to happen. sometimes I blame myself for going scuba diving. we have two sons and it is what it is and I should just be happy and praise the Lord everyday for all my blessings small or great. 

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