Hi Im Mario

I like to write short stories and watch horror movies. i have a big imagination which is great for making blingees. rate me and ill rate back... five stars! im a pretty chill person and have a lot of energy :D i love to talk and horse play.im single and im pritty cool once you get to know me.


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Trust & Hope
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PrincessDaisy... ha detto:

2702 days fa
Hello my friend! We are in deep, deep danger. Cause Sopa, IS BACK!!!!! Please read this! lanm01.deviantart.com/journal/… And make sure you help out an do whatever you can to stop this!!!! Thank you so much!

EspioXVanessa... ha detto:

2875 days fa

vlinderenkachel ha detto:

3282 days fa
For you ;-)

………… ☆¨*☆。☆´*☆¨☆´*
♥*☆*… http://bln.gs/b/2432r2 *☆*… *♥
………… ★¨*★。★´*★¨★´*

vlinderenkachel ha detto:

3313 days fa
For you my dear friend, thanks for all the comments and votes!

Pour vous mon cher ami, merci pour tous les commentaires et voix !

Für Sie mein lieber Freund, Dank für alle Anmerkungen und Stimmen!

Per voi il mio caro amico, ringraziamenti per tutte le osservazioni e voti!

Para usted mi estimado amigo, gracias por todos los comentarios y votos!

vlinderenkachel ha detto:

3349 days fa
Hi Mario,
Votereste per me? 
Would you vote for me? 
Würdest du für mich wählen? 
Wil je voor mij stemmen?
Vous voteriez pour moi?
Usted votaría por mí?
вы проголосовали бы для меня?


if you do then ty so much ;-) xo Hennie

11e place now

vlinderenkachel ha detto:

3366 days fa

For you, Voor jou, Für dich, для вас, per voi, pour vous, para usted, para você:

Sweet friend i wish you a happy, creative and peaceful new week! hugs  Hennie

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