I love littlest pet shop. My favorites are huskys. They along with wolves, are my favorite animals. I belive most spiders are cute. Insects don't creep me out, most of the time. I really enjoy using my petshops to make movies and other videos. My muse is my fav LPS, husky, well my inspirations are the many people on youtube that make videos with petshops. A couple of my fav people on youtube are ElizaLps and SophieGTV. Their videos are awsome. When I make videos I base them off their videos and movies I've seen.:] As I said earlier, my muse is my LPS husky, her name is Aleu. And, if your wondering, I did infact name her after Aleu from Balto 2. [BTW, Aleu is my fav character from the series]. I would like to inform you that my icon has changed again, it's now a picture of my Candace Plush! Which is a character from the show Phineas and ferb. I LOVE THAT SHOW, JUST TO LET YA KNOW!. Candace is totally my favorite chracter, thus I have a plush of her! Have an awsome day, don't forget to smile!! :]


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LittlestPetSh... ha detto:

2846 days fa
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your blingges!

The_Chipettes ha detto:

3336 days fa
hello can i be ur freind

PurpleStarRita ha detto:

3509 days fa
Heyy ^^ I Like Balto and you ? And i Like LPS 

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