UPDATES: 5-6-11

Okay, I'm finally up for ANOTHER UPDATE. I know, please stop the applause. ;] Just kidding. Okay, so, I've still been struggling with a lot of the epilepsy crap, and starting High School this year. I'm scared to absolute DEATH about it too. I'm also still struggling with the death of my Aunt from January 2nd. She was in Hospice for a VERY long time, and soon went into a coma after Christmas, and passed away. It was very tough for my family. Other then that, STILL Missing my blingee buddies, like TGRAMS, Dena, Wakowarner, LISA, AND MADDIIEEEEE <3 DAMN. I miss you guys sooooo much. :[  If you want to contact me, please, IM me, if you want, I'd love to hear from you guys again;
AIM: PhantomriderxX.
Thanks everone! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL!!! <3
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Oh , hey there :]
Just in case ya don't know me, Im Samii.
Nice to meet ya.
Although some know me as Samii Surrenderr from SceneQueens.com, maybe moving to SiteModelAgency.com? Never know! :) Talk to me, and Add me on Facebook!(: Just ask!
Lots of Love !

                   ~*~REST IN PEACE~*~
                   BREANNE MARIE BROTHERS
                    (Breanne Breakdownn)


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sabrinapretty20 ha detto:

2550 days fa

kimble31 ha detto:

2755 days fa
hi. please friend me. you seem nice. i like that website.

Wakkowarner ha detto:

2936 days fa
Heya! Iz back!!! ^^ I
am heres to contact once
again ^^ How iz youse?

Tnya17 ha detto:

2993 days fa
yea same. so how you doing.

Tnya17 ha detto:

3022 days fa
Hey its Tnya15. this my new account. i cnt access me old one

GemDJ ha detto:

3180 days fa
heyyy xxxx Long time no chat, it's Emma10234 on my new account,,, how are youu? xxxx

Honoka25 ha detto:

3194 days fa
not too bad at least right now anyway

Dena72 ha detto:

3194 days fa
oh i am sorry to hear with all you have to put up with of late, yes it always seems to be that bad things come together. hang in there and definitely be who you want to be not what others would like you to be. stay true to yourself for sure honey. here for you take care hugs xx

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