|[.we really don't care.]|

ยק๔คƚє: goin to uni and livin life with mah loving family, lit-est besties, and amazing bf ^_^

name: les
birthday: nov. 4, age 2o
mood: yee yee 

this place is nostalgic bruh.
music is life.
i been here for like 8 years, i feel so old.
oh well, that's life. \_( ^.^ )_/

.♛cersei is my queen♛. 

my favs:
Game of Thrones
Demi Lovato
Billie Eilish
Panic! at the Disco
Pretty Little Liars
Harry Potter
Fall Out Boy
American Horror Story

if u think i'll beg, you don't know me.

you can pretend you don't miss me.you can pretend you dont care. all you wanna do is drag me. what a shame im not there.
what is it you want? you can lie, but i know that
you're not fine. Every time you talk. You talk 'bout me but you swear I'm not on your mind.


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Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

75 days fa
My snapchat is allisonwinter16 and my instagram is allisonwinter18 add me if you want! :)

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

75 days fa
I went to the greek islands! :D cant believe it was a year ago already lol it was so beautiful i miss it. How was your finals? I have 2 weeks left. Im just going to a technical college and i just started school again in January but it would have been my junior year but im not a full time student, im just taking classes whenever at a slow pace, so idk how long until im done. you? what are you studying?

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

122 days fa
Greece was fucking amazing!! :D Life is good. In college, working at McDonald's haha. How are you? What's new? 

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

395 days fa
Life is good,  in Greece rn, kind of why I wrote everyone, the different culture reminds me of my friends around the world and it's weird I'm closer to them now than ever but not talking. You still talk to anyone from here?  I lost touch with everyone slowly over the years even Hayley in 2016) :

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

399 days fa
I've been good!! Surprised to be actually getting replies to my comments from friends after so many years haha how are you? (:

Miiley-Cyrus- ha detto:

403 days fa
I miss you Leslie

Im-Yoursღ ha detto:

445 days fa
ill come here to read comments for you and Danae but i dont think i will ever talk to like Ness Daisy or Tyla again and its sad because once we all said we couldnt be without eachother

Im-Yoursღ ha detto:

445 days fa
she probs thinks of this place here and there but doesnt see a point on coming here anymore like most people, like i wasnt here for like 3 years but only came becuz of that dream...i miss it here a lot though and how it was. 

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