I am a fighter and I will fight any problem coming my way!!

I created this account on June 6, 2019. My name's Amelie. I'm 17. My birthday is August 13th. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I render my own stamps and make my own text stamps if you'd like to use them :) I will only give 5 stars to everyone. I might not always comment but I will be sure to vote as much as I can!

~My groups~
My Vocaloid group: https://blingee.com/group/93908
My anime group: https://blingee.com/group/93930

~Private Chats~
Salma: https://bln.gs/b/29r95q
Hanako: http://bln.gs/b/29rag8
Charlotte: http://bln.gs/b/29raml 

~My family on Blingee~
My brother: https://blingee.com/profile/TheMadGerman231
My other brother: https://blingee.com/profile/✿ᴠσ¢aℓσɪ∂_ғαɴ✿
My sister: http://blingee.com/profile/japanmangafan92
My other sister: https://blingee.com/profile/fairytailtrain

~Gifts made for me~
From rairene: https://bln.gs/b/29sd8g
From Salma: https://bln.gs/b/29r8ks
From Salma: https://bln.gs/b/29r1b1
From Hanako: https://bln.gs/b/29r1ca
From LovingRed: http://bln.gs/b/29tf48
From LovingRed: http://bln.gs/b/29th8g


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LovingRed ha detto:

about 11 hours fa

absentdeparture ha detto:

about 23 hours fa
thank you for the add!



ChrissyMJ ha detto:

1 day fa
Hello my dear Friend i hope you will join my challenges, its over 3 days , so plenty of time if you wish. hugs chrissy

passionpussycat ha detto:

8 days fa
Happy Belated Thanksgiving :)


Enjoy :)

LovingRed ha detto:

14 days fa
Good Morning Amelie !
Congrats on your #5 place in the
Best Anime Competition !!
1856 votes !!
A lot of people agree with me thinking
that you are a very talented artist.
You go girl !! XD

LovingRed ha detto:

19 days fa
Yes you are a fighter lil girl and you are opening doors to others to talk about depression & don't feel alone.
Depression make you feel alone when you are not.
You have a family & friends that care for you and thats a fact . 
Never let the monster of depression lie to you. ALWAYS reach for help .
I will making you silly blingees to make you smile lol

Sweet dreams sweet  friend.
( Remember to make a blingee or two a week for the people that admire your artwork .) or MORE lol

LovingRed ha detto:

19 days fa
I make this for you Amelie:
Thanks for being brave and fight depression.
Is a terrible monster that take away so
many wonderful people.
Stay stronger & take your meds.
You are so young & talented & you have beautiful future waiting for you.
Keep creating those beautiful blingees is a good theraphy.
I promess to vote and comment always lol.
((( <3 ))) 

passionpussycat ha detto:

21 days fa
5 ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Have a awesome ...

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