the operation timed out glitter

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Love is smiling on the inside and out.
As Night Falls The Wolfs Are Out
The Worms Crawl in... the Worms Crawl out...: by Maddi
Happy Mother's Day to all the Blingee Moms Out There
The Calling~ (Dedicated to Joycie and the memory of her mother.)
The sound of Silence -PIAB Challenge-
the wild sixties: "beehive" hairstyle
The Old Wooden Swing, by Connie Hull/Joyful226
Boxing Day and the Feast of St. Stephen is also today and the 2nd day of Christmas, Joyful226
Out There On The Ocean
Kat&&Ian.♥ {For Yani}
The Flight into Egypt by Joyful226

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For My Beautiful and Talented Friend...Kuleshova

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