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P e p e  &  D e s t i n y  ♥  {Scusate per il brutto blingee -.-}
Autumn Blingee For Competition - Outuno Blingee Para Competição
Ju$s BlAcK aNd WhIt£!!!
=|=£- I N S A N E  - B L A C K - R O C K - S H O O T E R -£=|=:BRShooter:
Snivy Blingee!
It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember ~miku hatsune~
King Sombra Blingee!
It's me: Miku :P
≈ SwєєT BєαяS .♥™
It's Such A Cold, Cold World!!!
★☆★ sρяɪиg ★☆★ ℬy Sαяıиα03
Dorothée et Roxan

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Vintage Friendship

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