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You will be supported by the love, albeit imperceptibly and leis. I want to stay with you, I love you! No matter what ...
I fight for peace, for the people who are important to me. I am me and no one else.
We are associated with the thread, no matter how far away we are. I'm happy
Battle Scandinavia: Stay and fight, I'll fight with you (Nordic 5) [Read Description PLEASE!]
I'm so lonely, I'm at the lowest place. No one will find me. I can not. Stay I really always alone?
❤❤❤ ~ // Shakugan No Shana Shana // ~ ❤❤❤
Kanojo to Kanojo no neko
Anime girl-bunny-lhynpotx
Levi Ackerman ♦ 43951269
Hata no Kokoro
Happy Birthday to Tengen Uzui
Autumn Anime Couple

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