miku hatsune and luka megurine

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Miku and Luka - Best Friends Forever
Miku Hatsune:-:GUMI Megpoid:-:Luka Megurine
VOCALOID² Luka Megurine and Miku Hatsune
Miku and Luka
Luka Megurine & Miku Hatsune
Listen to the whispers of your heart
Luka and Miku cosplay Magnet version!
Luka and Miku
♥♥ Luka and Miku "Inseparable Friends" ♥♥
♥♥ Luka and Miku "Easter Bunny" ♥♥
xxx-/-/>> Miku Rin Luka ~ "As the lightning strikes and the thunder roars, Everyone DIES!" <<\-\-xxx
Vocaloid Miku Hatsune And Luka Megurine