i dont usualy talk about miami but when i do the heat is on

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××♦♣☻☺ҫҫuт my ℓifє iиҭѳ pєaсз'ϧ, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT!××♦♣☻βαby кiϧhϊη☺
Merry Christmas
When Women 'Earned' The 'Right' To Smoke
i do
Dear Friends: Thank you for Birthday wishes!
When you died...
Sharon Den Adel-The Howling and Faster
Blue- I'm the Doctor ((alwaysanangel69))©®
⇖⇗✒✘✗I'm The New Cancer, N e v e r l✕✕ked better~!✘☗✗⇘⇙
even if the world is much more sad, I wish you a nice sunday
Oh what should I do at the Fair? Joyful226
I am the boss!!