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{Cαuse I'm dying just to know your nαme.♥}
Mє lσ яιcσяdσ cσмє ѕє fσѕѕє ιєяι...
Kyoko Sakura
Lady D
Mis Amiwos d' Blingee/My friends Blingee/Mes amis Blingee/I miei amici Blingee
#Zαyn Jαwααd Mαlik.♥
ιD childhood // ©
Ähm... das bin wohl ich xD
Me with Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon!!!
Selena Gomez [Para mi BFF Atte!! :D]
Mikù e io =P
TThis is me (: >>>Juliet

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