edward cullen bella swan breaking dawn

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For Best Movie Couple Challenge [Pro Blingee Challenge]
The twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Breaking Dawn Part 2*
Bella's First Hunt [Breaking Dawn Part 2] Please Join my new group!
The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever [Breaking Dawn Part 2]
Don't regret the past,just learn from it... Kristen Stewart
breaking dawn - Edward & Bella
{["All I saw was Edward's face,it filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind"]}Bella&Edward wedding by beatrice_andra
Breaking Dawn part 2
{["Always and forever"]}Bella,Edward&Renesmee//Breaking Dawn Part 2 by beatrice_andra
{["I have loved you for a thousand years"]}Bella&Edward//Breaking Dawn  by beatrice_andra
{["You were the greatest thing"]}Bella&Edward by beatrice_andra