as the morning sun is xx xaxaxxaxax xx you are mine i am yours

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As the morning sun is born...You are mine & i am yours! (Blair&Chuck)
Tears~No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & The One Who Is Won't Make You Cry <3
As the morning sun is're mine & i'm yours! (Blair Waldorf and Damon Salvatore)
~♥♫•Sebastian` X Ciel` (from` Kuroshitsuji♥~) - You` are` mine` as` I` am` yours` and` if` we` die` , We` die`•♫♥~
as the sun is born you are mine & i am yours
**As the morning sun is born you are mine and I'm yours**dark valentine's day "© m.τ.pя¡йςзŝš"
♥ נσү, ғαιтн, нσρε, ℓσvε♥cυтε ℓσℓℓιтα♥
Good Morning Sun Flowers
I'm the Girl who is PROUD to say 'You are mine' ♥
augusts ..where the sun Nobel