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''уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ υѕ υиρєяfє¢т, вυт ωнσ'ѕ ρєяfє¢т؟'' ¢нαρтєя 1 - тнє ℓσνє ρσєм {куνι fαиfι¢}
{•♥•}Selenα Tαylor & Demii♥-Oriigiinαl-Bii:αndy Belieber♥:3{•♥•}
{•♥•}Hαnnαh & Líllý.For:Mαrííh.-Oríígíínαl-Bíí:Andý Bélííébér♥:3{•♥•}
HER REPERTOIRE'S REPOSE (Leva's Legacy, Part 3 of 4)
This is for the person or persons that downvotes sooo many of my creations
♥*Nina && Candice*♥ You are my piece of paradise// For my Lovely Nerea<3
  My Blingee Beginnings_ Part 2
Take me as the person I am... [for Lucia-Blue]
My Best Abffl <3
Ghost Rider Blackheart <3
♥Best.Friends.Forever♥ By:: Criis Mαriie D Kress Lovαto [Pαrα...]
Many thanks for the blingee but most important, our friendship! :3

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