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    hot emo picture and emo love

  • Anime Deutschland

    Anime Deutschland

    1 Members

    Hier findet Ihr die Gruppe die aus Deutschland ist und Animes Für Blingee schöner macht.

  • emo,goth,scene group!

    emo,goth,scene ...

    27 Members

    a place for emos,goths and scenes and 2 hang out and add kool blingees and talk about m...

  • Territorio Oscuro

    Territorio Oscuro

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    Si eres goth ven y unete

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    tout les montages de GOTH

  • IlRegnoDellaNotte


    15 Members Cαяз диίмз Dαииαŧз ¢hз √дgдиdσ иεłłз ŧεиεbяз s¡зŧз g¡...

  • Blingee Gothique

    Blingee Gothique

    24 Members

    coucou si vous êtes fans ou tout simplement que vous aimez bien le style gothique. Rej...

  • Macabre


    2 Members

    For every1 who likes this kind of art or goth or horror. Welcome!

  • °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸  M ł × ~ Ş Ŧ ł ℓ ξ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸


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    ¢ιασ α тυттι!! qѕт gяυρρσ è ѕтαтσ кяєαтσ ∂α тσкιєттα.4єνєя96 є в죣ìиà. αввιαмσ ∂є¢ιѕσ ...

  • punks goths emos  and rock chics

    punks goths emo...

    19 Members

    if ur a punk goth so on and so on join dis cub

  • Creativity Lovers

    Creativity Lovers

    5 Members

    This group is for people who like to be unique in their creations. It doesn't matter wh...

  • Gothic Bling

    Gothic Bling

    7 Members

    Gothic Blingee makers and lovers! This group is for all who love anything dark and sexy...

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    oO...Amori Non ...

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    xki soffre x amore..

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    The Goth Group

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    Un Group Goth completement GOTH !!!

  • o_O +++Everything+++ O_o

    o_O +++Everythi...

    3 Members

    Every genre, type, picture is accepted here. I think. Have fun...don't die...etcetc.

  • The Cute & The Cool

    The Cute & ...

    2 Members

    Let's Have Some Groupwork !!!

  • November Skies [[♥]]

    November Skies ...

    4 Members

    If you are emo, punk, goth, weird, an outcast, or just really bored...Welcome.

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    goth and emo gr...

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    hello i am creating my own group and it is groth and emo group so if you are one of the...

  • Wölfe / Wolves

    Wölfe / Wolves

    23 Members

    For all people who like wolves =) *ahhhuuuuuuu* ^.^ Für alle die Wölfe mögen =) ...

  • Epic{pon/zi/punk{Skelangel}


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    For people who survive on music and writeing poems and lyrics, a place for all u thrill...

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