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  • The Anime Fan Club

    The Anime Fan Club

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    Make and place all anime pics here. Any ones you want.

  • тнє мσνιє gяσυρ ♥︎☾✨✧

    тнє мσνιє gяσυρ...

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    a fun movie group with contests! I know you wanna join! ↓

  • mankindontario gothic art form

    mankindontario ...

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    make a gothic art of any kind gothic / vintage / flowers / star actors / what ever the ...

  • Disney/Pixar


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    You love Pixar and Disney movies ? Join this group and share out your blingees of Rapun...

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    animation group

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    awesome animated blingees!!!!!!!!!

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    animated animal...

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    this is for all the blingees that are disney or universal animated animals!

  • ★Walt Disney Animation★

    ★Walt Disney An...

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    That's the Disney Movies we love. Good old Animation films, that's what we grew up with!

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    Anime Fan Club ...

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    All animation fans, no matter what!

  • ◘▬▬▬Anime▬▬▬◘


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    ✖Craving anime is cool!✖

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    x қι αмα αяια-т...

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    qєšтσ gяυρρσ è ∂є∂ι¢αтσ α ¢нι ρια¢є αяια тнє αηιмαтιση

  • Anime Is Life ♥

    Anime Is Life ♥

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    Hello anime fans!~, Go to this group if your 100% an anime fan, do whatever you want o...

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    Grafiken, Hintergründe, Schriften, Logos, Animationen, Fotos und Bilder für deine Seite

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    Hier können alle ihre Bilder oder so rein die für die Com Jappy gedacht sind bzw all...

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    punk and emo an...

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    This club is ALL about sharing your blingeed anima. or u could share photos and let oth...

  • Anime/Yaoi/Yuri Lovers Unite!


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    This is where you can come and post blingees of anytype of anime. Yaoi and yuri are alw...



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    Final Fantasy L...

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    Group for those who like/love Final Fantasy


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