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    God is love

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    Dedicated to the praise of our Lord and savior. KJB version only if quoting the bible.

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    God is good

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    I want Blingee's that shine God, Jesus, and all of his wondrous words and works. Holida...

  • էհε ωօɾlძ ցօძ օղlყ ƙղօωʂ ❤

    էհε ωօɾlძ ցօძ օ...

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    Questo gruppo è per i fan di The world god only knows ^.^ spero che saremo numerosi Gra...

  • Rainism Believers

    Rainism Believers

    2 Members

    anyone, anywhere can believe in RAINISM.

  • BIBLingEe


    55 Members

    We WILL have loads of fun and loads of INTERESTING AND EDUCATIONAL forum topics/discuss...

  • Jesus Freak's

    Jesus Freak's

    4 Members

    This group is all about loving Jesus, and making blingee's dedicated to him. So come an...

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    Jesus ROCKS!!!

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    If you love Jesus Christ or want to learn more about him, join my group. ;)

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    god, glitter graphics, religous

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    christian blingee

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    add stuff about jesus and god in your blingee everyone can join :3

  • Christian Goth

    Christian Goth

    10 Members

    The boys at Littleton were apparently not Goths;they had incorporated some Goth symboli...

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    Be Blessed Mini...

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    We are a christian group whom believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.We believ...

  • Its not religion its a Relationship!!

    Its not religio...

    5 Members

    Calling out to everyone who believes in Jesus out there that Know we are freeeeee from ...

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    I'm A Jesusfrea...

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    "What will people think when they hear that I'm a Jesus Freak? What will people do if t...

  • Our Angels are Watching Over Us

    Our Angels are ...

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    Plz join this group if you support god and our angels that are watching over all of us.

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    Sexy Me

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    I Love Jesus

  • ♥♥ Love for Jesus ♥♥

    ♥♥ Love for Jes...

    147 Members

    If you love Jesus so much, please join this group!! I'm in a christian band with my bff...

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    Girls 4 Christ

    21 Members

    This is a group that celebrates Christ and his sacrifice! So please please please join ...

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    girlsz rock!!ja...

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    my friends girl...

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    JesusSaves !

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    Gooo Christians ! AMEN ! the people who love God join !

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