▼ Only Nougami Neuro ▼

▼ Only Nougami Neuro ▼

This Group is only for my Love Nougami Neuro from the manga and anime Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro ❤ I'm head over heels in Love with Neuro ❤ He is my Eternal Love and Husband ❤ YAKO OR OTHER CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! Feel free to join :3

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Neuro is Love, Neuro is Life ❤

Katsuragi Yako is NOT ALLOWED here!!! >:P

"This mystery is on the tip of my tongue!"
"This is for the survival of a species I'm gambling my Life for."
"Actually I've never killed a person. At least to snatch away another's life forever, that kind of thing..I try my best to refrain from it."
"Those who were once thwarted, only their brains can carry the opportunities to become stronger deeper within their hearts as long as that person has a strong resolve...the hearts of those who were thwarted will heal, the harmed parts will amend...and then certainly, they will stand up again. And that is what I look forward to."
-Nougami Neuro ▼


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