≈¢нєяяỳ βυввŁє ● 벚꽃 거품 ~

≈¢нєяяỳ βυввŁє ● 벚꽃 거품 ~

Hello, welcome to my first K-Role of Blingee. Please, Do not copy without permission. Original idea. :█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║© Cøρyяigнт 2O12

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Cherry Bubble is a company of different types of photography and artists. Are the Number One on Asia and different parts of the world. These artists have a strict style that allows them to be VIP's. There ulzzangs, fashion icons, models, etc. The models are from SouthKorea, Taiwan, Japan, USA and China. 

Role To start, put this data (not real):

ρroffesion(Ulzzang, Fashion icon, Model, Paparazzi):
¢ountry (China, Korea, USA or Japan):
σrientation (If you like):
βlingee of your character:

Data will be published on this topic: http://blingee.com/group/84551/topic/99209
And Blingees added to the group.

List of characters:
● Park WooHyeong 박우형 (Kat) ~ _TheGirlOnFiire
● Tiffany Aoyama 티파니 아오야마 (Fany) ~ Demi_Lovato77
● Lee Hwang Miyoung 리황미영 (Min) ~ Afterschool.Girl
● Ham Eunji 햄은혜지 (Ji) ~ LoveyDovey17
● Park SoYeon 박소연 (Sooe) ~ WonderGirl546

Thanks for Reading. ~

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