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***************UPDATE JULY 21*****************
SORRY I HAVE BEEN GONE A LONG TIME AND MISSED SO MANY CHALLENGES...PLUS HAVE NOT BEEN ON AT ALL. BEEN IN ALOT OF PAIN SINCE I MOVED. >>>>I finally had an MRI done. Explains alot! I have a bulging disc in my lower back and then under that a herniated disc with a tear in the ligaments surrounding the disc touching a nerve root and that's what causes the pain in my legs and feet. The doc's 1st suggestion is surgery but I am NOT doing that. I am gonna let the chiropractor try to help me avoid surgery. I know what back surgery does cuz of what it did to my Grandma. Anyways...that is what is going on. But we r all moved now so we r happy about that. Tim is doing better but he still has alot of pain especially is moving stuff...since I am basically useless cuz I can't even hardly lift a box. For anyone who did not know...this is all from a car accident we had at the end of April. I can't promise to catch up on comments n votes just yet but I will try. Oh well...hope everyone is well. God bless. :)  P.S.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANYONE I MISSED! :)
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Sorry to hear this Rhonda!! I have a broken kneecap & had to have surgery on July 5. I'm using a wheelchair, walker , & sometimes crutches, just for stairs. I've missed you around Blingeeland!! Hope to hear from you again soon, hugs, Karen

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