Snowglobes & Globes

Snowglobes &  Globes

Founded by Joycieoh on 11/9/11 Snowglobes or Globes of any kind will be accepted, but please keep it clean!!!

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Hello & welcome to the group of snowglobes & globes. 
I have always loved  snowglobes, & theres no  limit  to all the beautiful globes  that  can  be  made. I   wanted a  place  for  people  to gather &  have  fun...If  you have  made a  globe  of any  kind, please add to the  group. 
Thank you to Boblisa00 for volunteering to be a group manager & get the  challenges  up & going again. I really appreciate the  help. Things have been very hectic for  me the past several months & haven't been as  active  in blingee as i would  like to be. Hope that  will change soon!!! 

Please  make sure to add your snowglobes to the group also when entering  challenges. It has to be  in the group for  me to add as  icon  if  your the winner.

You can add as  many globes to the group as  you want, but  please  enter  only 1 for each challenge.

Please add  your birthday to the birthday link in the group forumn usually located  on page 2.   

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