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❤ Hello everybody! I write in english because I think that the people that will partecipate at this wonderful game will be english... for the most part :) I open this contest... Oh no sorry it's not a contest.. it's a quiz for know what you think about Michael's songs. Perhaps you don't know that a lot of songs have something in common... This game is to decide what song you prefer between 2 that have something in common :) I'll write some couples of songs and what they have in common... and you have to say wich you prefer and why :DD I Think it's a beautiful game to know something other about Michael's songs and about us, too. <3

These are the songs ❤

1) CHILDHOOD or SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE? (they have in common that they are both very personal songs of Michael, about his life and his problems... <3)

2) THRILLER or GHOSTS? (it's easy... they are both scary songs...)

3) BAD or THIS PLACE HOTEL? (they are both hard and energetics songs.. Like Thriller, too.)

4) I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU or THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL? (they are both romantics songs of Bad era.. The first is slow and sweet, the second is energetic and happy... <3)

5) HEAL THE WORLD or EARTH SONG? (they are both songs for our world.. a message to the people of the Earth.. <3)

6) WE ARE THE WORLD or WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE? (they are both songs for our world like Heal the world and  Earth Song but they are singed in choir with a lot of famous singstars... <3)

7) ANOTHER PART OF ME or CAN YOU FEEL IT (if you read the text of them, they have the same meaning. They are 2 so positives songs... <3)

8) OFF THE WALL or ROCK WITH YOU? (they are two songs of Off The Wall... Of 1979 <3)

9) ABC or THE LOVE YOU SAVE? (They are two hits of Jackson 5! <3)

10) EVERYBODY or LOVELY ONE? (they are two hits of the Jacksons! <3)

11) CAROUSEL or GOT THE HOTS? (I bet not all you know these songs... they are unpublisheds, rares, very very rares... Nobody know them. If you don't know them, search them on YouTube... They are two wonderful unpublisheds songs <3)

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It continues...

12) SPEED DEMON or WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN'? (They are both two "mechanicals songs"... Michael defined them in this way <3)

13) BILLIE JEAN or BEAT IT? (They are the most hits of Michael in Thriller CD! Michael is known for Billie Jean, right? <3)

14) WILL YOU BE THERE or KEEP THE FAITH? (these are 2 songs of Dangerous.. but they have in common that they are a request... of faith... of help... They are very positives <3)

So you have to answer! :DD to help you I'll give you my answers... so you can see how to do <3

Before you have answered I'll give you your profile... Let's play with our love! <3


1) SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE... I love this song :') it's sad but too too sweet... touching :') Michael cried when he recorded it.. And I love it because it's so personal... it makes me cry <3

2) THRILLER! It's Michael first hit... Ghosts it's too hard for me. Thriller it's a revolution! <3

3) Uh.. I don't know... I love both two... This Place Hotel is hard and wonderuful... Bad.. Bad is a beautiful video... I say BAD! Because it's one of my favourite videos and ballets! <3

4) I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU! I loved it since tha first time I've heard it :') and it's 1 of the firts sogs I've heard of Michael... so I love it so much <3

5) HEAL THE WORLD! It's so touching... to touching and joyful.. All people of the world would must listen to it! It's a poetry makes song :') Michael had a wonderful soul and he wanted to changes the world... And I love him <3

6) WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE, sure! It's not very knowed, but it's more beautiful than We are the world for me! :') it's sweet, happy... wonderful I love it! <3


8) ROCK WITH YOUUUUUUUUU! :DD It's absolutely my favourite song! :) it's so cheerful, positive, romantic... MY favourite. There's no other to say <3

9) THE LOVE YOU SAVE... though I love all J5's songs and Michael's sweet voice when he was a baby :') <3

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11) I love both two but... Got the Hots! :DD it's the soundtrack of my sumemr! It's the happiest song of the world! <3

12) WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN'!!! I loved it since the first time... It's perhaps mechanical but I love love love it :') Speed Demon... I love only the video <3

13) It's so hard to answer! Billie Jean was my favourite song 3 or 4 years ago (I often change it! <3) and Beat It too... I don't know o.O really I don't know that to answer...These songs are my 2 loves to Thriller era! <3

14) WILL YOU BE THERE! It's my favourite song... Oops no this is Rock With You... I have so much favourites ;)) I love Will You Be There, I love to sing it so much, it's the most positive song of Michael's, I think! <3
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I Like Them All Since I've Been A Michael Fan Since I Was 9 Yrs Old & I'm In My 50's Now, Wow Time Flys, lol!!! Thriller To Me Michael Fouls Them All, Everybody & In The End, Joins The Zombie Look, That's Fr. The Video!!! Love The Masks & Dancing Too!!! Michael's #1 Video Of All Time!!! 
Ghost Michael Did A Wonderful Job Dancing, The Effects Fr. The Video Are Fantastic, Love This 1 Too. He Plays Different Characters Here & I Love That Too...Everyone Thought That He Was A Bad Guy Bc Of The Old Man Played By Michael Himself But He Wasn't Bad Or Evil He Just Wanted To Get Along With Everyone Including The Children & He Wanted Everyone To Get Along With Him Too!!! 
Michael Was A Perfectionist & It Shows With All His Music & Videos He Never Settled For Anything Less Then 500%.........
I Love All His Videos & All Of His Songs But My All Time Favorite Is & Always Will Be Billie Jean......... 
I Love U Michael & Miss U Dearly, Everyday More & More.......
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1) CHILDHOOD because it talks about how Michael lived his childhood and I find it a very personal song that belongs to my love <3

2) THRILLER because I love the song the backing track and especially the video: D

3) BAD got no reason in particular. I love her and you just ♥

4) I JUST CAN NOT STOP LOVING YOU because it is so sweet, then sung along with sieddah is even more magical

5) EARTH SONG Cause every time michael sings it is moved and I with him .. I love his sense of the nature and the world.

6) WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE for the simple reason that it was written ... after the disaster of the twin towers: (<3

7) ANOTHER PART OF ME makes me go crazy, for his pace!

8) ROCK WITH YOU because it has a very enthralling rhythm;)

9) ABC because they heard the singing from a very young mind seems made for him as well and he is sweet

10) EVERYBODY sweet,,,,,,,,)

11) CAROUSEL bad as I love her and that's it <3 i lost my heart on the carousel * - *

12) WANNA Be Startin 'Somethin' ahhhhh * no word * when does it live then die * O * ahh!

13) BILLIE JEAN is one of the flagships of our MIke ♥ as you can not to love?

14) WILL YOU BE THERE or KEEP THE FAITH I can not pick one, I love them both so much ♥ ♥ ♥ are very special to me <3


P.S. io partecipo spero di poter farlo haha
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Certo k puoi!!!! :DDD
Thanks very much Ladywillie! :) thanks Lisa.. lisa puoi fare pubbly anke tu? :( xk nn partecipa nex nn so se sn morti tt o cs.. *-* grz ❤
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devi dirmi a chi l'hai già fatta però :D
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A Ladywillie Sophiecandy Ourse MaryKapa... tt i membri delle prime 2 pag <3

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