Friends And Enemies

Friends And Enemies

To get your blingee in the group your blingee has to: have people and/or animals in it presenting enemyship or friendship OR a friendship quote on the blingee. NO INAPPROPIATE content on the blingees. Every blingee will be accepted.

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Welcome to Friends And Enemies.

If you want to become a member of this group, you are accepted automatically. If you want to add a blingee in this group, you will have to wait until I approve it. I will approve, comment and rate every blingee entered. It doesn't just have to be about friendship, it can be friendship, ex-friends, ex-wifes, best friends, ex-husbands, enemies, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, BFFs, animals (representing friendship). Please, I will not accept in love as in romance like kissing or falling in love. I just prefer love as in friendship or hate as in enemyship. 

Since I am finding it hard to make blingees, comment, rate, upload stamps and monitior groups, this group is no longer monitored by me. I have passed the manger role on to Kaileychicago. Kailey will be commenting and rating on your blingees, not me. I hope you have fun with your new manager! Elarn03.

Due to some of the blingees not having anything to do with friendship or enemyship, I am changing the rules. When you join the group, you are accepted automatically. If you want to add a blingee, I will have to review it before I put it in the group. I will comment on the blingee if I didn't put it in the group. Thank you, Elarn03.


There's a fine line between best friends and worst enemies.

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