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i saw a cat 1 min next it was beatin to death it was so sad so im going to be sure my lil kittens are goin to good homes my cat mama isnt fixed i dont believe in fixing animals so she has litter after litter and i want to give them free! to people who wants a kitten or kittens because i want everyone to be happy i hope that i will have responses please goto wantafreekitten.webs.com/ to see pics and choose ur kitten or kittens in about 65 days there will be new kittens it takes 65 days till a cat has her babys and 4 or 5 weeks till they can leave there mother my cat is very unique breed i dont remember the name. I know tabby cats which is a very common breed has 3 or 4 kittens but the unique breeds have 6-8 kittens and mama had 6 her first litter this comming one is her 2end litter of babies the dad cat i think is ragmuffin and something else he has blue green eyes a gorgous cat the mom cat is a cat that cant get fat only while prego and she is strong and built like a pit bull.

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