Basically, A group who LOVES Haruhi Suzumiya!! ^_^...If you're a fan, please join!!

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Hello, and welcome to Haruhi-ism!^-^

Don't turn back now!! You might as well just stay...
so....STAY!!! >=(
Good!!! ^-^

Anyways, this is a group dedicated to Haruhi Suzumiya!! All of your love and support will hopefully make this the best Haruhi Suzumiya group EVER!!! Oh, but don't worry; there are other HS groups here, and I'm sure they're all great!! ^-^

You may post ANY Haruhi pic, or SOS brigade pic that you'd like!!
Yes, like other groups, there WILL be contests to change the group icon, and I'll get that together; don't worry about that, ppl!! ~.^

*Manager's note: "If you need any Haruhi stamps, please check my profile, and do a search, also!!^^

Update!! {9/19/09} (Please read!!): *Manager Role will be given to the person who puts in alotta effort towards this group!! There will be 2 managers, including myself!!

Update!! {9/24/09} (Please read!!): *New Haruhi stamps have been added!! Just check my profile, and go to my stamp collection!!

[There will be more to come, so please check back soon for updates]

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              if you support Haruhi-ism

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2nd Competiton (Christmas with the SOS Dan)
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Contest coming soon!!!
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1st Contest...WINNER!! ^-^
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