☺ !~Blingee Rocks~!☺

☺ !~Blingee Rocks~!☺

Join this group if you think That blingee Rocks! This is a place where you can show off your Blingees and get Rates and comments. I hope you have a wonderful time. Please help me get people to join. In this group we can chat and do lots and lots more

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If you love to bling your in the right place! You can show off your blingees and get Rates and comments. And you can give me stampReQuest. Please help me get People to join this group. I thank blingee_team for making this magical website where we can meet new friend and turn boring pictures into Magical Pictures.

Please Join the contest.

Member of The month: Rosemarie2296 for being the first person to join my group and for being the first person to enter in my first contest!!
What is member of the month: If you do something good like if you add lots of blingees, win contest, Get people to join, or anything else thats nice you can become member of the month!

Managers will help me pick the winner of the contests but not the first contest. They can still Enter in Contest. Too they can't help me with the first contest because there are only two managers and the managers need to give me their favorite contest entry but what if we pick different ones so i choose not the first one. And also the member on the month can help me too.

Third place contest winners:
Lillian98 Her winning stamp: http://blingee.com/stamp/view/3226577 3rd place!
Awesomeitzelle 3rd place: http://blingee.com/blingee/view/96926358-Taylor-Swift 

I'm seeing everytime I come here to check my group the number of members are getting lower. so 
i think that people are always leaving my group i want people to tell me that they left so please tell me if you leave this group.

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