ashley miley BFFL

ashley miley BFFL

If you like Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale or even both this is a group for you!!!! Only Miley and Ashley fans allowed. And please feel free 2 add all ur miley and ashley blingees it could b miley blingees ashley blingees or both of them!!! Have fun!

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Hey guys!!!
This group is so cool. Please feel to join this group.
Just one rule please add all your Ashley and Miley blingees.
Or add just miley blingees or just ashley blingees or both!!! 
We are going to have so much fun!!! (clap) YAY!!!
Oh and plz just add miley and ashley blingees no other stuff but have fun!!! Oh and if u r on this group alot u will bcome a manager of this group!!! [YAY...CLAP] First I will ask u on your home page and write back yes or no to being a maneger if u sat no thats all right but if you say yes you will have lots of fun. {harray round of applause clap!!! cheer}If you like this group than u will love my other groups: Zashley fan club and Miss Ashley Tisdale rox fan club!!!Plz join them if you like this group!!! 

me gorgy7

And to every one that has joined recently this is for you:

Thanks so much for joing the Ashley Miley BFF group.
Were going to have lots of fun! 
Feel free to add any blingees of Miley or Ashley or both!!
I hope you have as much fun as I do!!!

Thx 4 reading!! Have heaps of fun in this group =] BYE!!!
Ps just remeber Ashley and Miley stuff no other

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