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immesso: 4248 days fa
I Made dis to show luv to mah sis's nd all you young gurls who dont realize that your Beautiful! ...
dam all i can say iz
immesso: 4248 days fa
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder 

Everyday in this world 
I happen to come across 
another sad, and lonely face 
eyes weary from tears 
running like facets 
mind defeated from years 
of mental anguish and torment 
by society's standard 
of what is beautiful..
My Lady, 
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 
The best and most beautiful things 
in the world cannot be seen, 
nor touched, 
but are felt in the heart. 
As long as your heart stays pure, 
than you are beautiful. 
Don't let the world get you down.
My Lady, 
You are as beautiful as God is.. 
we are made in his image, 
and since God is beautiful, 
you are beautiful too, 
cause we shared the same face 
molded from clay, 
we are just a shell, 
a small portion of his greatness.
So why stress yourself 
over striving to be beautiful? 
That kind of beauty is unbearable, 
and drives us to despair, 
offering us for a minute, 
the glimpse of an eternity 
that we should 
stretch out over time.
True Beauty comes with time 
so take heed my beautiful sisters, 
future mothers, 
my future daughters.... 
Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror, 
so don't be in a rush to change, 
you got a lifetime to be beautiful.
immesso: 4248 days fa
i think you're right, i agree with you completely.
it is in the way you present yourself.
because even if you are ugly or fat, if you're happy with yourself it shows and people notice that.
i don't think beauty comes in what hair product or makeup product you use, i think it comes from your state of mind.
and you're right beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
what's beautiful to one person might not be beutiful to another.
props to you for not being so sex crazed and shallow minded as most guys out there are.
immesso: 4248 days fa
Thankz for the props, but I'm no angel, Lolz ...But anyway i just wanted to say something about self-esteem...Have you ever met someone that slouches when they walk and always has their face pointed to the ground and when they do speak the first thing they say is negative..like: dam i hate life, or yea its raining again!..Now in contrast have you met another type of person that walks with their head up and has a smile or a hug for almost everyone? and when they speak its very positive and caring, like: wow its good to see you!, or this weekend is going to be so much fun!!!.....
Well first let me say i am not one or the other, i tend to try to be positive, but i dont always succeed. 
But now to my point,...... isn't it true that people with well balanced self-esteem tend to be more beautiful than others with a very low self esteem......and this is up for discussion....because i can go either way....i tend to find sad and lonely people quit attractive in very strange and meaningful way......and i also like spending my time with people who are outgoing and happy.

PS..btw.. I wana give props to Katie aka (Lovie) for being a free thinker, a caring person and someone i would say is truly beautiful inside and out. 
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i agree wit both of u!!! lolz i cant think of anything 2 say but i agree wit both of u
immesso: 4244 days fa
50centsgurl you are also a person who is Beautiful inside and out in my eyes!
immesso: 4237 days fa
im very self conscience i think im 2 skinny i hate bein skinny :( i havelow self esteem n i hate feeln dat way but i cant help it
immesso: 4237 days fa
ey NeeNee1993 don't be in a rush to change...u have so much time !!! and BTW your so beautiful the way u are!!!!..i saw ur pics ur not to skinny babe...ur freakin cute az hell!

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Yeah Lovie and realz4ya are both right...and evry1 else. 
Neway, most of my friends are self - concious, but i LOVE them anyway. my friends are my life...but thats not my point. neway, lolz, a lot of my friends are always sayin, 'i hate life'. but thats why they're friends with me, bc i'll comfort them and give them a hug. i'll do whatever to get ppl happy. 
and some of my friends are so self-concious that they cut their self, and i get so pissed but we figure evrything out. 
eventhough i prefer to be around ppl who are happy, im friends with them for a reason. 
everyone has beauty in them somehow, inside or out, or both. it really depends on ur outlook on life. how u view ur life and the world. if ur negative thats not gonna help anything, life is easier if ur positive. 
people are negative, or hide their face in the halls or w/e bc they dont wanna be made fun of. but the pppl that r making fun of u are really the ones that r self concious, bc they think it makes them feel better if they r mean to other ppl.
i used to be a person that was negative and VERY self-concious, i've changed a lot. i used to be very negative and said, that i hated life. but things don't always work out in ur favor. 
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Ok Amber, first i want o say that I am sorry that you had to go through times in your life that you felt you had to do such things.....and anyone who iz currently cutting or hurting themselves please listen to Amber...because at the same time I'm sorry you ever did that Amber..i am seeing that many times its those of us who have already traveled a burdened road that can help someone else thats thinking of talking that same path....hmmm.. does that make sense?...oh and I learned this  from a song a long time ago....."the burden from the Angel Beast, Is we always Love our selves the Least"...and that is sooo true!...Learning to accept yourself, like yourself, and eventually love yourself simply for who you are will enable to you Accept, Like, and Love others...and that is TRULY Beautiful!
Amber without flirting I want to say You are Truly a Beautiful Person!...and I personally am very happy and honored to know you!! 
muchluv sis!!!
immesso: 4229 days fa
i agree because every day im called ugly by kids in my class
immesso: 4229 days fa
UGLY?...well i can see ur freekin beautiful!...so screw them....and DONT ever let anyone tell you who you are!...Just walk with confidence, and be nice as hell and feel sorry for those that tease you...because the only reason they do it...it because of all the hidden problems in der own LIVES..
immesso: 4229 days fa
were all beautiful   !!!!!!! 
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