Ashley Tisdale Rocks My Socks

Ashley Tisdale Rocks My Socks

If you are a Ashley Tisdale Lover you have to join this club. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JKJKJKJKJJKJKJk LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ok serouis join thanks

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Come On all you Ashley Lovers. Here is everything to know bout Ashley Tisdale Ashley Style . If you have any question Write i'll answer don't worry I promise: 

Ashley Tisdale Rocks My socks !!!!!
Ashley Tisdale rocks your Socks !!!!!
Ashley Tisdale Rocks Everybody Socks !!!!!
Ashley Tisdale Rocks The universe Socks !!!!!
             Ashley T
             Ashley Ti
             Ashley Tis
             Ashley Tisd
             Ashley Tisda
             Ashley Tisdal
             Ashley Tisdale
             Ashley Tisdale R
             Ashley Tisdale Ro
             Ashley tisdale Roc
             Ashley Tisdale Rocks

 !!!!!!!!!!!   ASHLEY TISDALE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AsHlEy StYlE

 Ashley's New cd's name Is......
                ashley tisdale
                   autumn goodbye
Her Songs:

2.Right Now
3.Hurry Up
5."Bad Dreams featuring Timbaland"
6.Inside of Me
7.All The Things
8.Teenage Love
9.Runaway to Faraway
10.Should Go Home
11.Close to You
12.One More Time
14.Tom Boys featuring Bow Wow
15.Autumn Goodbye
16.So Much for You (Jack D. Elliot Remix)

Awesome Isn't it.I know.My Best Friends Name is Autumn so I think It is Kool.

           The New Album Cover Is on one of my Blingees It says:     Goodbye Autumn

 Ashley Tisdale And Jared Are Still Going Out.

BY the way thanks you are the most coolest people 4 joining my club .Sorry i haven't been around but i'll try 2 keep you updated.

There is no new news right now. BUt when the tickets to her new concerts you'll be the first club to know. 

               Question of the week:

 If you could change anything bout Ashley Tisdale what would it be?

Post a comment with the answer. 

                   My Answer
              Nothin she perfect or wait a minute ya on thing that me and her where BFFLAA.
      IF you have anyquestions or anything at all write me @    :    I'm wating to hear from you . 




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AsHLey TIdaLE is the most amazing singer
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