..this is a wide definition this challenge I like you to concentrate on a rather unusual subject that maybe bring many of you to Japan, since artist there seems to enjoy compete in subject;)
MANHOLE COVERS ARTISTIC is what you can google.
Or maybe your town has a pretty one you still have not seen?

You are also free to decorate your own artful manhole cover, or create a cover, or cover sculpture, placed freely in any landscape out of your own fantasy❤️
Those I spesial look forward to see;)
It might be surreal, or your idea ends up at covers in your own city;)

Du hast die Möglichkeit, einen dekorierten Schachtdeckel zu dekorieren, um die Schachtel zu schützen und um die Erde zu schützen.
Diejenigen, die ich speziell freue mich zu sehen;)

If wondering what all this is about, take a look on my profile;)

Only MUST is that 'StreetArt' must be written ON blingee itself❤️

Please enjoy this practical challence;)

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