- TWILIGHT SPOILER - [book 3 and 4]

- TWILIGHT SPOILER - [book 3 and 4]
*book 3* edward allowed bella to see jacob now and then within some limits, at the camp fire party with the whole "wolf" pack (sam, quil, jacob, embry, billy, etc.) Bella Swan learned about the legends of the wolves, and about the third wife that risked her life to kill a vampire so it wouldnt harm its husband, the 3rd wife distracted the vampire with the smell of its blood, at the near end, Edward Cullen Proposed to Bella, and Bella ofcourse agreed, but they Bella was nervous to tell his Father (Charlie) that they were getting married. ---- BOOK FOUR ---- Bella told Charlie that she and Edward were getting Married. after their Wedding Reception, Edward brought bella to an island named "Esme" (the name of his mother), it was the Island that Carlisle ( edwards dad *vampire* ) bought for Esme ( edwards mom *vampire* ). while their honey mooning in the island, edward and bella made love, some day after bella was pregnant, edward agreed to get it out of her, (it was a half vampire baby) but bella refused cuz she thought it was a blessing, later throught the story, the child was going to be born, killing bella in the process, she survived cause edward turned her into a vampire, it was a baby girl, they named here Reneesme ( in honour of edward and bella's mom ),. now that bella is a vampire (called a NEW BORN) she had special abilities just like alice and edward, she had "SUPER SELF CONTROL" and a SHIELD, the Volturi was about to attacked them (said alice) because a new born-baby was always out of control, (P.S.: REnnesme has the gift to tell stuff through visons when she touches you), it had a happy ending and there will be atleast 60+ vampires in it, trust 60+ vampires from different races!! :) ...XOXO ( MADE BY EILA and EILA only,, DO NOT COPY!!!!! ) [p.s.: its not my fault if the ending was ruined for you!]
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