No Need of Life

No Need of Life
This picture contains Sasuke about to kill himself and lots of blood. I know I'm gonna get shot for this... Fangirls, shoot me. I guess I'm constantly making fun of him. This picture also comes with a song made by Atakino-Zane plz keep reading! THE SASUKE SONG (to the tune of Rudolph red nosed reign deer.) (With the random outbursts) Sasuke the emo ninja Had a very emo way (Like an emo) His brother killed his whole family He was emo after that day (Like an emo) All of the other Ninjas Used to laugh and call him names (like emo!) They never let poor Sasuke Join in any Ninja games! (Poor Sasuke!) Then, inside the forest of death Orochimaru said, (ku ku ku) Sasuke with your Sharingan, Won't you be my Sasuke-kun!" (eew) Then Sasuke left the village He wanted Orochimaru's strength. Proving that just for vengeance, He would got to any length. (what a moron!)
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