*★ Blue Magic-The Perfume*★

*★ Blue Magic-The Perfume*★
Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents that give off a pleasant smell. Perfumery began in ancient Egypt and was further refined by the Romans and Arabs. Perfumery also existed in East Asia, but most of those fragrances were based on incense. A mixture of alcohol and water is used as the solvent for isolated aromatics. On application, body heat causes the solvent to quickly disperse, leaving the fragrance to evaporate gradually over several hours. The process of making that perfect perfume requires a unique marriage of science and art. Science brings various techniques to the union that isolate the individual scents: cold-press processes, distillation, extraction, or making synthetic molecules, for example. Fragrance artists known as "noses" make the more subjective judgment calls to combine those components into a beautiful scent. There are three basic components, or "notes," in perfume. Top notes are scents that can be detected immediately when the perfume is applied; they form that critical "first impression." Citrus and ginger are common top notes. Heart notes (middle notes) describe the scent that emerges after the top notes dissipate, usually 2 minutes to one 1 hour after application. They form the main body of a perfume. Lavender and rose are often used as middle notes. Base notes -- such as musk and plant resins -- also appear after the top notes have disappeared, serving as fixatives to hold and boost the strength of the lighter top and heart notes. Experts known as "noses" are responsible for combining the various "notes" into the full composition of a perfume. Noses must have a keen knowledge of a wide range of fragrance ingredients and their smells, and to be able to tell the difference between them, whether alone or in combination. Such experts are extremely rare. A smell is the sensory response to the complex mixtures of chemicals in the air around us, called odorants. We are able to sense these chemicals because they bind to protein receptors that line the cells in our nose. Each kind of receptor can only detect specific chemical compositions, producing the sensation of different smells. These receptor proteins are produced from about 1,000 different genes: almost 3 percent of our total gene count. MORE INFO is on this LINK if anyone interested! http://www.fashion-era.com/perfume_history.htm NOTE! PERFUMES comes in different colors.I just used Blue Magic as a title and an example.) What makes you allergic to fragrances! Some famous people in the industry says it's the synthetic oils that perfumers used in the product,so make sure you know what you're buying.Personally speaking,I can only use a few perfumes or other wise I'll get some respiratory and skin allergy.......
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theswanprince... ha detto:

1867 days fa

granny97 ha detto:

3896 days fa
gorgeous bling!! I love this!

granny97 ha detto:

3896 days fa
thanks so much!! very interesting!  actually my 2 faves are "Light Blue" by Calvin Klein and "Design" by Sebastian

terrynuts ha detto:

3896 days fa
great info. thanks it was informative...

Oktoberli ha detto:

3896 days fa
Die Werbung für diese Parfum ist Klasse, jetzt musst du es nur noch zum Verkaufen anbieten!

Goody1870 ha detto:

3897 days fa
wow this is gorgeous, and love your framing...super cool!!

Dena72 ha detto:

3897 days fa
sensational adore where you placed your name, and great information too xx

florakiss ha detto:

3897 days fa
une splendeur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++5555555

bisous flora^^

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