Oddly It Always Finds Me

Oddly It Always Finds Me
Oddly it always finds me Through the darkness of the night To the sound of dawn Fondly you enjoy it Watching it eat away at me Tearing through me Soundly you make it to me Tearing through my body To the last bit of me Caringly you pretend to love me Although I’m torn away To the end of the earth Carefully you mend the wound Healing me till it needs no repair Only to do it again…to fill me with despair. Cold aura from the darkness My heart feels lost and partless My mind is blank My soul at stake Such memories of pain I fear I may go insane The cold chilling air Nipping and biting at my skin so bare The hair’s rising The fear’s colliding Such pain is weakness Maybe I was never to be blessed Stuck in a world so dark & thin Nothing matters everything blends The pain the fear The cold blooded tears None makes sense, just pain Terrible pain only witnessed by my brain The scars they stay Never at bay The screams & shouts Always about The cold aura nears in the dark If I hadn’t lost my voice I would scream or bark The face appears I scream in fear The nightmare haunts me. APRIL IS CHILD ABUSE AWARNESS MONTH
creato da: hel888en

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Oddly It Always Finds Me



Frau-Luna ha detto:

2801 days fa
5 stars
  Breaking the silence! Is a group that defends the victims of sexual abuse in humans and animals. We help victims inside and outside the Internet and run prevention. We want to have with this group and Blingees child and the welfare of the animals a voice. If you are affected s.scharmach Admin and I love the contact. You're not alone! We look forward to your posts!

Rukia17 ha detto:

4055 days fa
lovely 5/5

darkcina ha detto:

4060 days fa
This came out very well say good maliconico

paars ha detto:

4060 days fa
well don +5

maddicomputes ha detto:

4062 days fa
Wow! Beautiful! Love it! 5*!

blazingbloomers ha detto:

4062 days fa
awesome :)

muddk75 ha detto:

4062 days fa
Beautifully done...

swtjade ha detto:

4062 days fa
oh really nice love the story behind it.

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