MS:Blonde Version

MS:Blonde Version
Ehmm...Idk,i was bored so i thought i should make some Blingee's for fun:]Cha..xD And mhm i play maplestory xD.But the picture you see here,is not me.I made this picture with Bannedstory.The site:im not telling you;]Try finding it yourself..maybe try going on Youtube and Type:How to Download BannedStory..That might help:]And if you wna know more 'bout bannedstory.I can tell you!!^^Okay so first of all:Choose your skin colour.Then you can Pick your Eye colour and type of face:]Thenn Go on "Hairstyles" and choose your hair colour and type of hair:]**THERES ALL OF THEM!!**.Then after that,go to the seconde Part and choose your face accesories,Hat,Glasses,Blabla.this works for Females and males!Just go on youtube and search "How to download Bannedstory new version" then you'll know everything bout it!Now,ima write random stuff cos im bored xDD!!Uhm..Oh and my Maplestory Char. Is on Global And im in Windia.My Chars Name is Caytiie And you'll usually see me at henesys:]I'm wearring a Red Darling diva And a pink top And a red mini skirt ANDD pink kitty slippers:]YAP.And im lvl 19 heehee!i dont like to train'-.- KAiiZ so...BYE!whoa i can't belive you readed all of these shett!Aha,Toodles;]
creato da: x0xQuynh

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