Crowfeather has suffered A LOT. I really feel sorry for him ( but he is sooo mean now and I will tell you why.) He was one of the journying cats, and on the way he fell in LOVE with Feathertail. But she died trying to save Crowfeather. When he came back from the journy he fell in love with Leafpool, ThunderClan's medicen cat. Leafpool fell in love with him too. But they couldn't be mates because of the Warrior Code. After, Crowfeather took a mate in his own Clan,( WindClan)Nightcloud. They had 1 kit: Breezepaw. His heart was broken twice, he had to move on, no one knows who he loves truly: Feathertail, Leafpool, or Nightcloud. But now he is REALLY mean to Leafpool ( poor Leafpool, knowing Crowfeather had a kit with another she-cat.) Two rules of the Warrior Code is : you can't fall in love with a cat from a different Clan, and medicen cats' can't fall in love. Leafpool and Crowfeather broke both of these rules. This is what I was describing in the Blingee above, like ' my love is gone' and the tear drops. Now you've learned about him and his story.

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