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【07.12.2019】•【09:23】this account seems to get inactive,i know. but imma explain it rn why,so if you're interested,continue reading. well,i made this account on the 24th december 2017. (almost three years since then) i made this account to make more blingees with my lovers. because my account being occupied by the anniversaries and birthdays,i couldn't make also blingees with my lovers. it would have been too much for just one account. and also i wanted to make the "one day blingee" as my previous sora-chan did. so i made this account,where i was able to make them. i did enjoyed this account and i'm happy that i created in the past so many,that now are almost 200. unfortunately,i grew up and i am at university now. and the uni,basically sucks all the energy i have. i gotta study a lot. especially that as i explained before,i have classes also in the evening. i told you guys before,that the university i'm in,is in another town so i needed to stay in a hostel. and since i'm not staying in a student hostel which is behind the university (they didn't had anymore seats and they told me to go to a hostel which is kinda far away from there) i'm going to classes by bus. (the university has two extensions: the one i'm in and engineering. and the hostel i'm in,is actually from the students at engineering. there are two more,behind the extension that i'm in but they didn't had seats anymore). i have bus from half to half an hour,so when i have four hours free,i go to hostel,i stay two hours and then i gotta go again. in that two hours i'm also studying or i'm resting. when i have two hours free,i don't even go 'home'. since when i arrive,i gotta go again. so,basically,my program is full and i don't even have that much time to rest. which is rather a regret. i'm hoping that next year i'll be able to move to the hostel which is behind my university,so i'll be able to do more things. practically,this is why this account became inactive. i'm active on it when i can. because to make a style like mine,requires a big amount of energy,time and patience. which i really didn't had them in the last weeks. i'm more active on my main account. i'm also usually more active on this site in weekends,since in weekends i'm coming home. i think you noticed that my fiances' accounts also became inactive. it's because of the same issue as this account: the time limit. i'm sorry everyone if i got you the impression that this account will remain inactive. it won't. i'll do my best to still keep it active as much as i can.
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LovingRed ha detto:

5 days fa
Very awesome artwork!.
……………….(¯` ✿´¯)…..are like 
…(¯`v´¯) •.//✿………….. in the 
(¯` ✿..¯))✿/¸.•*✿…… garden 
//(_.^._)√•..´¨¯(¯`v´¯)…. of life"
…✿•*´)//*´¯`*(¯` ✿ .¯)……   =)
        // ... Thanks for friendship
  kind votes & comments 
       5 ☆☆☆☆☆ always

2Cool4Me ha detto:

47 days fa
|""|  ┊┊    
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)        
(¸.•´     BEAUTIFUL

caesar59 ha detto:

47 days fa
   ……………… (
…………….... /)      ……(
…………….. ( , )    …. /) 
……………'|::::::::| ..( , )5*****
..…. (¯`v´¯) |::::::::| |::::::::|
.….(¯`:☆(¯`v´¯)::| |::::::(¯`v´¯)¸
..…. (_.^(¯`:☆:´¯)v´¯)(¯`:☆:´¯)

senstx ha detto:

47 days fa
☆ W░O░N░D░E░R░F░U░L  ☆ 
   ☆  C░R░E░A░T░I░V░E ☆ 
         ☆  W░O░R░K  ☆  
           ✿ 5☆☆☆☆☆ ✿ 

topazblue ha detto:

47 days fa
Awesome! 5*****

Debbievanwinkle ha detto:

47 days fa

       ❤LOVE THIS❤

sniper.of.sag... ha detto:

47 days fa
Can understand that. School/work tends to make you unable to have as much free time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bebebonbon ha detto:

47 days fa
Stunning work!
Your pieces are gorgeous, you are very talented!
..... (¯`v´¯)♥
... (
/ \ ♥♥

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