"Sorry for disappearning, I've been battling with my own mind..."

"Sorry for disappearning, I've been battling with my own mind..."
As you may have noticed, I have been absent from blingee for a few days now... I suffer from mental illnesses and this week has been one of my worst... I've had more downs than I have ups and a lot of the time, I've been suicidal. I even got the the point where I had two suicide attempts in 24 hours... what did the mental health response team do about this? F**k all! People like me end up injuring ourselves or worse because the team that are meant to help us, never turn up or don't help in the said needed ways. Because of the shitty government we have and all the cuts they are doing to the NHS and other vital systems, us mentally sick are suffering. Instead of suffering alone, we should suffer together, share our experiences and other crap. I'm just falling apart so bad this week and I'm at the verge of losing my best friend too thanks to my sick brain. Also, please don't say "get well soon" because in most cases, mental illnesses never actually truly recover. It's not like a broken leg where you know it's going to get better, it's more like you're aware of the illness and you know it's nothing like a visable injury. That's all I wanted to say really. Sorry to bum anyone out but it's the truth in my eyes. Pokemon, gaming, etc. HannahJuly. xoxo.
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Starsloopcox ha detto:

1614 days fa
Muy lindo

miamorecadenz... ha detto:

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LibraloveVirgo ha detto:

1615 days fa
::: (\_(\ ...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*
*: (=' :') :::::::: beautiful:::::::::::
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Schattenherz ha detto:

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5★ ★ ★ ★ ∗°⋆✧․․∗°⋆✧․․∗°⋆✧

jacqueline126 ha detto:

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  (((◕‿◕ ))) 
     ██  5****** 
    ●╝╚● superbe♥♥♥
.magnifique ♥♥♥
merci pour tes com ♥♥ 

caesar59 ha detto:

1615 days fa
so is life  5 *****

japanfan12345 ha detto:

1615 days fa
I'm sorry that you've been suffering so much lately. I know what you mean about the NHS though. I'm also in the UK and have severe depression. But even when I'm in one of my manic stages self-harming or trying to kill myself the doctors don't seem to care and suggest silly things like "listen to music" or "do some adult colouring books, they're relaxing". I know depression never really goes away, but we can have some up moments, so I hope you have some of those soon 

❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... ha detto:

1615 days fa
i can agree with you on that. i suffer depression along with anxiety. and i know it's not easy. x.x it's hard. it's even worse when you have to suffer with it alone. :( but it's okay though. i usually get empathy over people's sufferings. so it's fine. but i totally understand what you're coming from. :/ and of course, it won't always get better. but it's always hard to find the rainbow through all the rain. and hard to never give up. but i'm here if you need it. i'm always on.

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